About the Photographer

Dennis Sullivan has been photographing the American West since 1970. Specializing in portraits of the natural world, he has accumulated a photographic archive rich in unique images that showcase our North American environment. He is keen on capturing dramatic elements of the weather and the magical play of light seen near times of dawn and dusk. One of his particular interests is the imagery created by moving water. His travels have taken him to most of our National Parks and Monuments, as well as to remote wilderness areas. His photographs have appeared in the Sierra Club Engagement Calendar, been used in advertising for companies such as AGFA, and have been featured in publications such as the Presstek Annual Report. Dennis has a Bachelor's degree in Geology, is a Registered Geologist, and has practiced as an Environmental Consultant for over 12 years. He currently resides in Boulder, Colorado with his wife Shirley. Their recreational activities center on the outdoors and include rock climbing, backpacking, skiing, and bicycling.

About the Photographs

Dennis uses 35mm equipment exclusively in his work. The portability of the 35mm gear facilitates travel to remote areas as well as encouraging spontaneity during photo shoots. Currently using a camera system centered around the Nikon F3, Dennis uses a variety of fixed-focal length Nikkor lenses from 20mm to 180mm. Almost all of his photographs are made using a tripod, to avoid camera vibrations and facilitate long exposures. The only filters Dennis uses in his photography are slight warming filters in shaded areas (skylight or 81A), a graduated neutral density filter to bring some scenes within the tonal range of film, and a polarizing filter to cut haze and reflections. His films of choice are fine-grained transparency films. In the past he primarily used Kodak Kodachrome 25 and is currently shooting Fugi Velvia.

Photographs by Shirley Sullivan